Using Your Personal Remote


  1. Play/Pause button
    Play/Pause media
  2. Track/Episode Selection
    Tap to play individual tracks/episodes of a TV show or audio album

  1. Minimise button
    Minimise the control panel to a mini-player
  2. Exit button
    Cease playing the content
  3. Repeat button
    (Repeat function only available for audio content)
  4. Next/Previous buttons
    Navigate to the next or previous media in the album/boxset/playlist
  5. Shuffle button
    (Shuffle only available for audio content)
  6. Volume controls
    Volume control and adjustment

  1. Seek Bar
    Displays the progress of media currently in use. Drag the dot to desired section/ timestamp to view specific portion
  2. Rewind/Fast Forward Buttons
    Go back 30 seconds, or skip ahead 30 seconds