City Guide


Tokyo is a sprawling metropolis of almost 14 million people, covering a footprint of a little over 2,000km². Just about everything you can imagine is packed into this space: frantic fish markets, ascetic temple complexes, rowdy nightlife, artisanal cuisine, handcrafted trinkets and baubles, grungy game arcades, quiet nature trails…the list goes on.

When to go:
Japan is a country that truly enjoys four distinct seasons. Winter is cold and snowy, with the crisp, frigid air increasing the visibility of gorgeous vistas. Spring is warm and lush, with the much-hyped sakura bursting into bloom. Summer is sticky and hot, but hosts the majority of Tokyo’s dazzling festivals. Fall is wet and mild, and resplendent with crimson autumn leaves.

How to get around:
Getting around is a breeze thanks to Tokyo’s famously convenient rail system. The Navitime navigation app is a lifesaver for getting from point A to point B, as are the new city bikes that can be picked up and dropped off with a swipe of the (highly recommended) prepaid Suica IC card available for purchase at any train station.

Where To Stay In Tokyo

Aman Tokyo

With Imperial Palace nearby, a sophisticated base for your stay

Where To Eat In Tokyo


Melt-in-your-mouth unaju drenched in a tangy house sauce

Where To Drink In Tokyo

Rooftop Bar

Sophisticated tipples with breathtaking views through floor-to-ceiling glass windows

What To Do In Tokyo

Sky Circus

Home to a cannonball-themed virtual reality tour of Tokyo


Hot springs and many rewarding hikes on mountain ranges


Explore a historically preserved main street from the Edo era

Where To Shop In Tokyo


White-gloved elevator assistants and impeccable customer service


Old town vibes that's a great place for souvenir shopping